Eero Kere (II), Council Meeting Karlsruhe, Germany

My first ESTIEM trip was the main event of the organization, Council Meeting, that gathers over 200 IEM students around Europe. We traveled together with Teemu and after the event we both agreed about the fantasticness of the trip! In the CM was also our old Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joonas - this time in the role of the ESTIEM board. The event was extremely learning experience, as during the General Assembly, which is an event gathering all the delegates together every day, we got to hear widely from ESTIEM and its activities during the ongoing year and contribute for the new strategy. We also elected new actives, such as the next board. We participated also to the inspiring and interesting workshops organized by the partner companies and ESTIEMers. In the ESTIEM way - work hard, play hard - there was every night a chance to party as long as you just wanted! We got to spend an evening at a traditional german brewhouse, familiarize ourselves to the food and drink cultures of other countries in the International Night as well as celebrated in a fancy way in the Gala Dinner. The best thing in the trip was to get to know amazing and like-minded people and having fun together with them! An ESTIEM event of this huge scale is also an unique opportunity to experience the ESTIEM spirit at its best, so I can nothing but recommend you to participate in Council Meeting during the studies!


Teemu Mikola(II), Local Responsible (LR) Forum, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The event was my first proper ESTIEM-event, and I was totally amazed. The people I met were fantastic as well as the fun and developing program. I think it's safe to say that it was one of the best weeks of my life. The event consisted mostly of trainings on leading a Local Group and other skills related to it. The hard working days were smoothed out with fun activities in the evenings, such as parties and the phenomenal international night. I got to learn lots of new things, and got so much new ideas and inspiration from other LR's, who are in the same situation as I am. It was also nice to get to know some locals and the Dutch culture, as well as to visit Amsterdam.What made the week perfect were the amazing people I got to meet, and who made the week a one to remember.


Joona Soratie (III), Skiing Activity Week X, Montafon, Itävalta

The day started around 7am with a smell of fresh bread. The most motivated and least hangover skiers made their way downstairs for the breakfast which our own chef David had prepared for us. After having enjoyed the morning coffee people started to slowly wake up and make their way to the ski lifts. Lifts started running at around 8.30am. At this point some were already able to admire the views from the gondola whereas others held their heads and drank water. The lifts are long at the alps, as well as the slopes. The best part of Montafon and Skiing Activity week is that it is suitable for all levels of skiers. Whether you like blue slopes, blacks slopes, off-piste or the drinks at after ski you freely choose what to do and you can always find company for it! Estiem events are the easiest way to make new friends. After skiing for six to eight hours, it was time to leave the slopes. Some continued to after ski and the others went straight back home to do their school work or just to rest after a long day of doing sports. The dinner was around 7pm so there was a good 3 hours of personal time to do whatever you like. After having the delicious dinner, started the evening program. One night this meant international night, but usually it was some kind of games held by the organisers or alumni. The event starts from Darmstadt, a small city right next to Frankfurt and ends there as well, so the plane tickets are easy to get and very cheap. The participation fee for this event was 340€ and it included the accommodation, lift tickets, high quality breakfasts and dinners, bus rides to Montafon and back to Darmstad and also program and drinks for every night. This is a pretty sweet deal for 4 days of skiing and 7 days of fun. If you are looking for new friends and spending a week at the beautiful alps of Austria this is the perfect event for you!