Lifelong learning


Lifelong learning is a project co-founded by Prodeko and Prodeko Alumni. First steps taken during the spring of 2018 concluded to the first vision presented at Prodeko Seminar in the end of April 2018. The main target of the undertaking is to support and enable different approaches to learn through life in Prodeko community.


Lifelong learning has its own web page, where you can find more information about the project:


"Learning is meant to continue also after graduation and last for whole life. This doesn't necessarily mean going back to actual school but to adopt a new attitude. We transfer from choosing between education and work to unite them both. As Prodeko community we have the chance to together improve our competences by utilizing our unique community. Because many members of Prodeko work in high positions, many of us have also the resposibility to enhance and maintain our compenteces. Lifelong Learning -project was designed just for this: to enable the learning through whole life."


The ideology:

  1. Make the decision: Take the attitude of improving yourself a little bit every day

  2. Act independently: Read books, watch documents, reflect your successes and failures

  3. Participate: Take part in xx

  4. Co-create: Facilitate peer groups and share your learning with others


During the Autumn of 2018 the first afterwork-like courses started that enabled prodeko members to learn from another.